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Sniega tīrītājs HECHT 9334 SQ

Sniega tīrītājs HECHT 9334 SQ

1 499,00 €
  • Sniega tīrītājs HECHT 9334SQ ir augstākās klases iekārta, kas var viegli tikt galā ar negaidītu sniegu
  • Jaudīgs 4-taktu dzinējs OHV HECHT
  • Tīrīšanas platums ir 87 cm, bet korpusa augstums ir 51 cm.

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  • Sniega tīrītājs HECHT 9334SQ ir augstākās klases iekārta, kas var viegli tikt galā ar negaidītu sniegu
  • Jaudīgs 4-taktu dzinējs OHV HECHT
  • Tīrīšanas platums ir 87 cm, bet korpusa augstums ir 51 cm.


  • Sniega tīrītājs aprīkots ar izturīgu tērauda korpusu, kurā ir paslēpta tērauda nažu sistēma, kas iztur pat apledojušu un sablīvētu sniegu
  • Sniegs tiek izmests pa tekni līdz 15 m. Iztekni var viegli regulēt pagrieziena rādiusā 190°.






Tehniskie rādītāji:

Maks. izmešanas distance 15 m
Ieteicamā eļļa 5W40
Atpakaļgaitas ātrumi 2
Ātrumi uz priekšu 6
Motora jauda 7,4 kW / 9,9 ZS
Iedarbinās Elektro starteris / manuāli
Apsildāmi rokturi Ir
Svars 127 kg
Darba platums 87x51 cm
LED apgaismojums Ir






Electric starter

The snow blower is equipped with an electric starter. You can easily start the machine connecting to the regular electricity 230V/50Hz using an extension lead. This avoids the problem with using accumulator in freezing weather and machine has an unlimited supply of energy to start. Press the starter button to start engine. Once is engine warmed up, you can start after the short breaks only by using the starter rope.


Differential lock

During normal use are the wheels occupied at the same time. Using of quality tires with deep tread is achieved excelent traction. This makes terrain penetrable but also reduces maneuverability of turning machine. To make the maximum for the most convenient use, the lever of defferential lock is placed under the right handle. Pull of this level will allows you to manipulate with the machine very easily also on complicated surfaces, you can easily go around the objects or turning.


Heated hand warmers

Snow blower is designed to work in freezing weather; one of the condition for comfortable and safe use are the sensitive hands, which didnt lost the sense by the frost. The heated hand warmers should be activate by the press of the button on the main control panel.  The warmers then warm your hands and you can work comfortably in even the most freezing conditions.


Adjustable skid shoes

Snow blower housing is on the sides equipped with adjustable skid shoes made from durable plastic. Thanks to this  material it more easily slides over the surface, does not leave scratches or rust on the pavement. The skid shoes also allows to precisely adjust the working height of auger. On the smooth concrete or asphalt surfaces could be working height reduced to completely snow remove.
Higher positions will be utilized on an uneven surface or crushed stones.  The skid shoes are reversible, if is one side of the plate too dammaged, it is possible to turn dammaged side down, that make their lifetime doubled.


Shear bolts

Although to the fact that the snow blower has high performance and steel knives which are designed to easy work in icy snow, the objects hidden in the snow could damage it. Even the most cautious operator should hit objects hidden in the high snow. Therefore are the knives of an auger fixed by the shear bolts, which serve as a safety guard. If the knives stopped suddenly, screws are cutted and an auger stops. This prevent damage of the machine. Replace of the bolts then takes only few minutes and snow blower can immediately continue its work.



In winter are days shorter, so it is expected to use the snow blower in the dark - early morning or late afternoon.  Therefore, the machine is equipped with a powerful LED headlight, which reliably illuminate area in the front of the machine.


Main control panel

To make the work with the machine easily, all the main drivers are reach on the main control panel.
Here you can find the gear lever, height and throwing distance, you can also move the lever to  turning the chute in radius 190°, there are also the headlight switch and heated hand warmer switch.

The chute

To allow the snow blower to operate reliably without constant clogging even in the hardest condition, it is equipped with a high and wide steel chute. Thanks to the construction of the chute may be the snow thrown up to distance of 15m. Steel design also enhances safety if the knives scooped some hidden object. The lower part of the chute is internally equipped with a safety grille. It is movable, so it didnt block the snow during throwing but also prevents to put the operators hand  to the knives in the 2-stage -  if the operator didnt keep the safety instructions. The chute is completely controlled by drivers placed on the main control panel. Chute turning radius is 190°.
So that can be controlled also upper deflector, which manage the throwing distance.


9334 SQ

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